Safe and Stylish Custom Sports Flooring in Australia

Clark Floorsanding is Australia’s leading Sports Floor Specialist. With over 25 years in the industry, we offer expert service from quotation to completion.

Sports Floor Annual Recoating

Annual recoating helps to avoid a costly full re-sand. To keep a safe playing surface, we recommend this kind of maintenance of your floor every 12 months.

  • Auto Scrub of the floor surface
  • Light cutback
  • Floor surface thoroughly cleaned
  • Application of 2 maintenance coats over the entire floor surface
  • Oil modified sealant

Full Resanding

This process is usually required every 8 to 10 years.

  • Floor surface sanded back to bare timber
  • Application of Penetrating sealant
  • Linemarking of all FIBA approved lines
  • Application of 3 full coats to the playing surface
  • Oil modified sealant
  • Latest dust free machines

Line Marking

From Basketball to Netball and Badminton, we can line mark any sporting lines to timber, vinyl or concrete floors. We can design a new set of lines or repaint and rejuvenate your existing lines. We can also match existing colours.

  • Measure and tape out of all new lines
  • Application of 3 coats to all new lines
  • Oil modified
  • Water based
  • Two part mix

Court Design

We can help to lay out and design your court whilst maximising space and creating a safe and enjoyable playing area.

  • Free measure and quote to help design your court
  • Lines adjusted to suit court layout
  • Post sleeve installation
  • Seating


What better way to rejuvenate your sports floor than to add Club logos, Sponsor logos and Sign Writing to the floor surface?

  • Painted borders
  • Painted key areas
  • Logo design
  • Sign writing directly to the surface or over newly painted border

Strip Flooring Installation

We can provide a timber species to suit your budget and then fully install your new timber floor. With our decades of experience, we can cover any surface.

  • Solid timber flooring
  • Various species available
  • Parquetry
  • Full installation
  • Sanding/ Linemarking and coating


We can provide maintenance plans to help your cleaners care for your newly coated floor. We also provide a cleaning service if required.

  • Cleaning packs
  • Maintenance sheets
  • Training
  • Burnisher/ washer and cleaning equipment sales
Clark Floorsanding

To Arrange an Onsite Inspection and Free Quote, Contact Clark Floorsanding On 0409 186 596.

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